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You have decided to open your own business, start a new business, or buy an existing business project. The first thing you should consider is the security of your company: adjustment of internal business processes and an effective external protection. Protection of intellectual property is an important component of the overall economic security of your company.

What are the risks of loss or lack of awareness or distinctive features of your business? Many companies do not even realize what amount of intangible assets they have, how easy it is to protect these assets with the help of professionals and thereby increase the value of your business.

Each company registers its corporate name, but it is clear that the company's name may not be identical to the brand (trademark), through which goods and services are identified.

Companies registered with the tax authorities can have identical names; however, such name as a trademark can be used only by the company that first registered it as such in the Russian Patent Office.

Currently there are a lot of unscrupulous "experts" who are engaged in identifying foreign trademark that have flaws in registration, they monitor them through a public register and invalidate the registration of a trademark allegedly for its non-use where businesses forget to make the necessary changes in the trademark registration certificate.

The initiators of such actions could be your competitors. By such actions there are willing to take over your trademark or destroy it to remove a successful opponent.

Registered trademark entitles you to fight against counterfeit products. Production of counterfeit goods under a false trademark; creation of counterfeiting products; scramble for control over a certain segment of the market; unfair trademark registration of well-known company to obtain compensation for redemption at the start of this company in the Russian market; strife for well-known brands; trademark holders litigation with the owners of domain names, to prohibit the use of identical domain names or even to sue in court - all these are the problems that can be solved or avoided by contacting "Card Patent". Constant increase in the number of court cases shows: a growing number of entrepreneurs are aware that the trademark is a significant means to increase revenue.

Disputes over trademarks are lengthy and complex. This is due to the imperfection of Russian legislation and the lack of understanding among entrepreneurs how legal procedure works. Assuming that the experts (patent attorneys) must monitor trademark from its creation and throughout its commercial life.

The company "Card Patent" for many years has been working to protect intellectual property and patent rights of Russian and international companies and has gained successful experience. Regarding projects of Russian and foreign companies which are opening offices in Russia, we offer you a full-scale consulting in the following areas:

  • Registration of a trademark, utility model, invention, copyright protection,
  • Registration of contracts which should be registered in accordance with the intellectual property legislation,
  • Registration of a trademark under the Madrid process, the trademark in foreign countries under the national procedure,
  • Document preparation and registration of utility model in the Russian Federation, in foreign countries or within the territory of a single state,
  • Representation in all organizations, government agencies and courts.

Contacting "Card Patent" you will avoid lots of problems and will find a reliable partner in the field of registration and protection of your intellectual property rights.

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