Trademark registration procedure

Registration of your own trademark is an important step in the development of any entrepreneur who plans to achieve high results in a particular market segment.
Of course, this procedure is not free, and the price is usually calculated including the following items:

  1. Fee of the law firm of the patent attorneys who engage in the solution of the matter;
  2. Payment of all currently existing state fees regarding the process of registering.

Complex of works on trademark registration consists of:

  • The Preliminary Search;
  • Filing a trademark registration application;
  • Record keeping of a registration process;
  • Professional support through registration process;
  • Obtainment of a trademark registration certificate.

The answer to question "how much it costs to register a trademark?" is not so simple, because each case is individual due to the necessity of defining a sufficient number of classes for the effective use of the trademark in all areas of your business.
The best way to find out the answer is to contact highly qualified specialists of our company who will help you to understand all issues.

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